Corporate Services

Research & Analysis

Our research specialists and analysts provide high quality, credible and objective research and analysis and deliver professional and actionable written products and briefings.

Insider Threat

Blackstone Defense's subject matter experts will assist you in establishing an effective and efficient insider threat program tailored for your organization. To maintain a successful program, we provide continuous guidance  to prevent, detect, deter, and mitigate actions by malicious insiders.  

Supply Chain Risk Management

Our business, technical, and intelligence analysts evaluate the integrity, trustworthiness, and authenticity of products and services within the supply chain and conduct risk assessments to identify and mitigate the threat to goods or services.  

Training & Consulting

Our professional training staff create tailored curriculum for your organizational needs and deliver training sessions that are relevant, informative and engaging. 

Our subject matter experts help to identify barriers to organizational success and provide unbiased evaluation and recommendations to solve senior leadership's most challenging issues.  Our regional and functional subject matter experts can assist your organization with understanding and meeting government requirements. 

Executive Protection

Executive protection includes security measures taken to ensure the safety of the client due to their high-profile status and/or wealth, including risk analysis, conducting an advance for events and activities, risk mitigation and engagement in the event of an emergency. Our staff are certified as personal protection specialists and many possess other specialized skills such as defensive driving, foreign languages or as EMTs.