Government Services

Intelligence Analysis

Our analysts have experience with a variety of analytic tools and are well-versed in intelligence community analytic standards. They are skilled at conducting open source and classified research, analyzing intelligence data, performing link analysis, writing quality intelligence products, developing and delivering briefings, and providing analytic support to all levels of the government, including senior leaders in the executive, legislative and judicial branches.   

Support to Operations & Investigations

Our staff has relevant backgrounds as special agents, counterintelligence agents, investigators, counterintelligence case officers, and intelligence analysts. They adhere to all applicable authorities and policies and will work hard to professionally and discreetly support your unique operational or investigative needs.  

Supply Chain Risk Management

Our analysts are specially trained to combine open source research, business principles, intelligence analysis and counterintelligence awareness to evaluate companies for acquisition of critical goods or services. This unique combination of due diligence and rapid threat-based evaluation allows our clients to understand and mitigate the risk to their organization.

Insider Threat

Our analytical, investigative, security, counterintelligence, behavioral, and technical specialists complement and contribute to the establishment and success of your insider threat hub by identifying, analyzing, tracking and mitigating national security threats and potential workplace violence in your agency. Our staff have nationally recognized insider threat and technical certifications to help protect your workforce and safeguard information. 

Consultation & Training

Our subject matter experts provide advice, guidance, and support to policy, planning and strategy, to identify barriers to organizational success and provide unbiased evaluation and recommendations to solve senior leadership's most challenging issues.  We develop tailored curriculum and provide training sessions that are relevant, informative and engaging. 

Special Projects

Our contacts across the Intelligence and Law Enforcement Communities make us the perfect candidate to develop your initiative. We can bring together the right mix of personnel, and socialize your initiative with external partners, to form a highly successful collaborative partnership.